Mix & Batch 2000 Ltd

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Bespoke Batch System Plants

Forward Weighing 80 Cu meter per hour wet pre-mixed truck plant Four large aggregate bins, loaded by 200 tonne per hour conveyor, from truck fed ground feed bin. Large cement storage. Clean and re-claimed Water systems linked to moisture monitoring/control. Admixture systems All materials pre-mixed via a robust quality engineered Twin Shaft 3 Cu Meter output mixer Fully automatic/manual controls with batch recording, stock records and totalizers.

Wet concrete batching plant

Five aggregate, forward weighing

150 tonne 3 compartment cement storage

Fixed pan planetary mixer 

Dry mixing plant for white lining material

Five materials screw fed into a central forward weigh vessel, discharging by screw conveyor into rotating pan planetary 1500 mixer. Liquid additive weighed above mixer and gravity discharged.

Semi-automatic controls. 

(This plant is planned for upgrading & refurbishment to cater for extra materials, throughput and batch recording to PC. 2005)